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I Hate Body Glitter!

Let your judgments be a teacher. Welcome them with open arms and start with loving recognition, then meet them with radical compassion and finally offer yourself some beautiful self forgiveness.

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VIDEO BLOG: Staying Present When it Sucks

We so very often check out of the present moment. We have learned from a very early age that when the pain is too much, we check out. We numb. We run. We disassociate.
Watch my video and discover why it's so important to stay present when it sucks, and 5 ways to root yourself in the present.

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Essential Oil Post

4 Oils for Possibility Thinking

What does this make possible? How can I begin to see a new solution? The oils that we are digging into today are ones that can help sprout new ideas, hopes, and dreams as well as help us in new thinking and life transitions.

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Work with Me

Have you always known that you were meant for more? Have you always known that you didn’t want to just help other people create their dreams while ignoring your own or worse work at a job that you hate, but instead wanted to create your own dreams and inspire others to do the same? Fabulous! Kudos to you for this first step of awareness. You are not alone. You have the choice to create something new.

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