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Love The 1.0 Version Of Yourself

Many people feel that in order to move forward to a different and better self they have to hate the person that was. They shame and punish the 1.0 version of themselves. Healing and transformation starts when we can recognize that we are amazing and resourceful human beings at each stage of our journey.

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It's Time To Feel

Here's the thing. We can’t selectively feel. We can’t avoid all the bad feelings and simultaneously allow the good ones to come forward. Feeling our emotions is vital to our wellbeing and to fully experience all that life has to offer us.

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Essential Oil Post

6 Essential Oils For Muscle Discomfort

Essential oils have become a vital tool for me to help soothe by body after working out or a long day at the office. In this post I highlight my favorite 6 oils to reduce stress and ease minor muscle tension.

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Work With Me

Have you always known that you were meant for more? Have you always known that you didn’t want to just help other people create their dreams while ignoring your own or worse work at a job that you hate, but instead wanted to create your own dreams and inspire others to do the same? Fabulous! Kudos to you for this first step of awareness. You are not alone. You have the choice to create something new.

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