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Quick 10 Minute Morning Ritual

Let’s get real. Most of you don’t have hours in the morning to devote to a beautiful morning routine. So, this is a quick 10 minute morning routine that will change your state.

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What's Your Identity?

"Identity is the strongest force in human personality. We all have a deep and abiding need to remain consistent with how we define ourselves. Any transformation you make within yourself will depend on your ability to expand this identity. By building a new, empowering set of beliefs, you can create a lasting transformation within yourself and in your life."

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6 Essential Oils To

Heal A Broken HEart

A broken heart is perhaps the greatest muse of all music, poetry and novels throughout the ages. It unites us in that deep longing. That deep pain. The fears of rejection, abandonment, betrayal. The feelings of loss, grief, anger, sadness. It hurts, and it hurts deep. A broken heart will bring us to our knees.

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Only 2 Spots Left! Acclaimed for its breathtaking beauty and architectural splendor as “one of the Seven Wonders of the World,” Machu Picchu and this trip includes pilgrimages to different power centers of the Andes, Cusco and Machu Picchu. The retreat includes ancestral ceremonies, self discovery exercises, deep healing, meditation, beginner’s yoga, adventure, and relaxation.

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