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It's Time To Feel

Feel your feelings. They are such a gift and will open up so much joy and healing in your life. Feelings communicate to us in a powerful way. It’s a physical signal for us that help to make decisions. They help us know our reaction instantly to whatever is going on at the time. They are our intuitive messengers to help us see how we should respond.

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Video Blog: 5 Ways To Be A Bosom Friend

A bosom friend is a rare kindred spirit that you confide your soul with. It’s your person. It’s the person you seek out when things are going splendidly, and the only one you call during your darkest days. And it's so important to understand how to be one to those special people.

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Essential Oil Post

6 Essential Oils For Muscle Discomfort

Essential oils have become a vital tool for me to help soothe by body after working out or a long day at the office. In this post I highlight my favorite 6 oils to reduce stress and ease minor muscle tension.

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Work With Me

Have you always known that you were meant for more? Have you always known that you didn’t want to just help other people create their dreams while ignoring your own or worse work at a job that you hate, but instead wanted to create your own dreams and inspire others to do the same? Fabulous! Kudos to you for this first step of awareness. You are not alone. You have the choice to create something new.

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