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I Hate Body Glitter!

Let your judgments be a teacher. Welcome them with open arms and start with loving recognition, then meet them with radical compassion and finally offer yourself some beautiful self forgiveness.

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Unconditional Joy

Joy is our natural state. It’s both accessible anytime and unconditional. Learn how to develop the attitude of someone who is shifting to let more unconditional joy in.

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Essential Oil Post

3 Essential Oils For Joy

Thankfully, embracing joy does not have to be limited to a mental and spiritual practice. Working with particular blends of essential oils can have a beautiful physical and emotional effect. This post explores 3 oils that promote joy.

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Work with Me

Have you always known that you were meant for more? Have you always known that you didn’t want to just help other people create their dreams while ignoring your own or worse work at a job that you hate, but instead wanted to create your own dreams and inspire others to do the same? Fabulous! Kudos to you for this first step of awareness. You are not alone. You have the choice to create something new.

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